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Mama's Corn Cob-Grape Wine

Corn Cob Grape Wine 


18 ears corn
 3 gallons water
12 pounds sugar
 3 quarts grape juice, unsweetened
 1 package dry yeast

Cut the corn from and then scrape the cobs (I like to break the cobs into fairly small pieces). Place the corn/cobs into a nylon fermentation sack (a leg of a pantyhose works well for this).

Put the corn and the water into a five gallon crock or food-grade plastic pail.

Loosely cover and let stand in a warm place for three days.

Strain (remove fermentation sack). Don't throw the liquid out, it's supposed to look and smell disgusting.

Add the yeast, sugar, and grape juice, stir, and transfer to a five gallon carboy.

Seal with a fermentation lock and let stand until it stops working.

Strain and Jug

Store for at least six months before enjoying.

The Cheneworth Gap Times-Picayune & World Observer