Cheneworth Gap Times-Picayune

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The Voice of The Cheneworth Gap Lunatic Asylum Assisted Living Center

Cheneworth Gap, Tennessee (est. 1999)

"You didn't ask for my opinion but I'm old so I'm giving it to you anyway."
Sophia Petrillo



      "Strange that the mind will forget so much of what only this moment has passed and yet hold clear and bright the memory of what happened years ago of men and women long since dead. Yet who shall say what is real and what is not? Can I believe my friends all gone when their voices are still a glory in my ears?

      No. And I will stand to say no and no again for they remain a living truth within my mind. There is no fence nor hedge around time that has gone. You can go back and have what you like of it if you can remember so I can close my eyes on my valley as it is today and it is gone and I can see it as it was when I was a boy."

Richard Llewellyn - How Green Was My Valley

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